Engines Revved

morningBirdYesterday was the first session of an eight-week series at Morning Bird Studio called Engine Building 201. It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but all week I sensed a tingle of anticipation that reminded me of the Septembers of my youth,  just before a new school-year would begin. How would the teacher be? Who would be in the class? What to wear? What would I learn? Answers to my first day jitters are as follows:

Instructor and long-time L.P.V. friend and tipster, Newt Cole is certified in personal training and the Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC). He designed the EB201 curriculum with a “focus on strength, mobility, and explosiveness” and I have no doubt I will improve in all those areas under Newt’s watch. We will also be motivated by some healthy competition between the 9AM, 10AM, 11AM, and noon groups, and an excellent playlist.

The 9AM session is women only, 5 wickedly strong women to be more precise. In addition to 3 L.P.V.s are 2 Ellies: Ellie B. and Ellie T., who CRUSHED it on the pull-up bar test, and I’m guessing will do the same in the row test next week.

Fortunately there was no need to obsess about the right pair of shoes, or more importantly, to carry an additional pair of shoes with me to class. One can train in flat-soled trainers like Chuck Taylors, but the preferred footwear is simply none at all.

While the first session was no walk in the park, I am happy to report that I’m moving around okay the morning after. This has not always been the case the morning after first sessions of previous year’s functional training programs. Newt calls this “wedging in” and I like it a lot better than the old way. I also like this feeling that it’s going to be a good year–not only for getting stronger, but for strengthening connections with awesome people. Looking forward to the next seven Saturdays.

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