Glencoe Grand Prix

Seriously, I feel like June starts off with a lot of contemplation. Looking at the calendar, the forecast is Glencoe then Galena and then ToAD. All of these hold importance on our calendar for many reasons; each of them holding memories of challenges, small victories, and hopefully bigger victories to come.

So, it begins with Glencoe. It is now under our belts. This year it was both an NCC and USA Crits race meaning we would get some serious crit racing in our hood. Pre-registration showed 60+ deep stacked with pros. Very cool…and a little scary. There was more ceremony than were accustomed to — signing in, waiting, staging. A little more waiting than intended due to a serious crash in an earlier race. Deeeeep breaths.


Photo credit: John Wilke, Peloton Pix


slimC and I each have our personal challenges with this race – I, having crashed badly as a cat 3; you’ll have to talk to slimC about her experience with the Glencoe. However, Glencoe is a fun and incredible course. Even in torrential downpour – which we got. Lakes formed and corners flooded hiding the sewer grates that were in nearly every corner. I don’t think anyone could actually see – good thing we went around a few times before the rain. Velonews went so far as to describe the conditions as “horrendous.” I’m usually pretty good in the rain but my history with the course and the accidents that occurred earlier in the day made me back off. My main goal at Glencoe is to stay upright (accomplished!). My secondary goal at Glencoe is to give what I can; and for that day with its circumstances, I am ok with my performance. This was also the inaugural race for my new ride  — something I’ve been trying to get used to for the past week+ after racing my baby for 4 years. Thanks again to sponsor Johnny Sprockets for helping me get her together so quickly.

Last but definitely not least, LPV’s thoughts are with our friends that went down this past weekend. A speedy recovery to all – allez, allez.

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