Introducing Les Petites Victoires, Women’s Elite Cycling Team

“Small victories, big hearts. Les petites victoires is Chicago’s freshest four-woman bicycle racing team.”

December 1, 2011

Chicago, IL- Effective today, Les Petites Victoires (LPV) is a new USAC women’s elite bike racing team, the only one of its kind in the Midwest region.

Each woman on the team was chosen to insure maximum team cohesiveness and chemistry. The four-woman roster holds many cycling palmares including wins at the Tour of Elk Grove, Realty Gateway Cup, Superweek, and the Tour of America’s Dairyland, in addition to holding the top three spots from the 2011 Illinois Cup series.

During the first year, LPV hopes to improve the experience of local competitions with consistent team-oriented racing, leading by example. The team acknowledges that this is no easy feat, hence choosing a team name from the French phrase which means ‘Small Victories’ to emphasize small, but significant, gains. The name also refers to the modest stature of its members as all the women ride 47cm bikes.

One important feature of the team includes its distinctive aesthetic which will adorn all kit items and accessories. Each member has chosen a representative icon and color to embody the contribution of the individual. Together, the colors coalesce into a bright and easily-recognizable palette; this team will be hard to miss!

The 2012 race calendar includes a mix of local and regional competition: the IL Cup series, Tour of America’s Dairlyland, and more!

Learn more about LPV through or follow them on Twitter @oLPVo and Facebook.

Allez! Allez! Les Petites Victoires!

2012 LPV Elite Women:

Cady Chintis
Mia Moore
Jannette Rho
Liz So

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3 Responses to Introducing Les Petites Victoires, Women’s Elite Cycling Team

  1. Karen Altes says:

    This is so awesome – I will be rooting for you guys wherever I see you!

    My two friends and I have been talking about starting a tiny bikes club for a while now. We all are 5’2″ and under. (My fixed gear is a 43cm with 650c wheels, and my cross bike is a 44cm; how’s that for small?) If you ever want a just-for-fun fixed gear chapter/associated club, let us know! TINY FIX!!!! Hooray for women cyclists!

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