Kettle Moraine Klassic = Win in Wisconsin

oshyW23MSVkeDsWPWeWSAgjWY0gvapOu6bnjouUYyTsNo matter the outcome, any race raced in Wisconsin will have a good ending because we will buy some New Glarus beer on the way home. For this reason, and because it was a road race near the southern Kettle Moraine state forest named in Kardashian fashion, LPV chose north over south this final weekend in April.

We were to do six laps on a 7.2-mile gently rolling circuit. At three to go, it appeared the race would come down to a sprint, and JRho clearly had the legs to finish well, demonstrated by multiple “test” attacks that put considerable distance on the field each time. We determined she should stay rested in the second half and try to win the race by doing this one last time from just before the final corner.

Trek Team Midwest, ISCorp, and a solo Kenda rider who loves dirtbike racing, but is afraid of crits, helped keep the pace high for a good bit of the last lap. The woman drilling it on the front began to let up just as we were passing one of my landmarks on the long, downhill stretch before the final turn. It was a sign that read EGGS and JRho was on my wheel, so it seemed like a good time to put my head down and keep the pace up. After a minute or two, I feared I had misjudged the distance. Jannette was giving encouragement from my rear wheel, “Keep it up! Keep it up! Keep it up!” but I was at my limit. Several riders began to pass, and I hoped Jannette, in perfect position, could find another wheel to bring her to the finish line.

Somehow I found myself floating back to the front—it seemed none of the passing riders were ready to commit yet. It was a second chance that you rarely get in a bike race, Jannette and I nodded to each other and the lead-out was back on. We made it to the drop-off point safely in front, and I watched JRho take the last corner confidently and cross the finish line with a sizeable gap on local cyclocross talent, Corrie Osborne.

We drove home in high spirits—in part, because our six-packs of New Glarus were purchased with a portion of our weekend winnings, but mostly because successful teamwork is the sweetest small victory of all.

Full Weekend Results:
Saturday, 4/27/13 – Whitnall Park Criterium
Sunday, 4/28/13 – Kettle Moraine Klassic (not yet available)


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