Les Petites Victoires édition 2013

Untitled-3By now, you probably know that L.P.V. likes to  mix it up and 2013 will be no exception. Racing hasn’t even begun yet, and already, more than a few changes have taken place. We’re going to step out of character here and say that these are no small victories, but serious life changing events. For starters, Mia and Jannette have flip-flopped their student statuses (or is it statii?). Props to JRho for completing all her coursework. She is now a Master of Science in Human Nutrition, while MiMo is breaking in the bindings of new textbooks at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Back in October, SlimCady eloped to NYC and Liz…well, Liz up and decided to trade  her road bike for french fries or something. Our team may be smaller, but our hearts are still big. We will always be glad to call LZA an L.P.V. alum and look forward to keeping tabs on her here.

One thing that hasn’t changed is LPV’s unmistakable style. Our 2013 kits are in the works, and suffice it to say, we’re gonna put a bird on it. Specifically, it’s this Bird. You will also recognize the star behind any great cyling team, our new shop sponsor. And, there will be some special accessories to remind us all of the hero inside. We’re pretty psyched to be working with such awesome partners this year. More details soon…

Allez! Allez! L.P.V.!

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