slimCady and JRho go “pro”

Off the bike that is. Some of you may know what it is we do when not riding or racing. Most of you probably don’t but fear not– here’s a peek into the professional lives of slimCady and JRho.

slimCady aka Cady has been working on architectural and design projects for a number of years. She recently left her chickens and the city of Chicago for Seattle, WA to concentrate on her own business, WC Studio, with her husband and partner. Along with developing architectural plans, wielding blueprints, and riding the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, Cady has been tackling the many divisions of the Architect Registration Exam. We are proud and excited to announce that countless exams (Seven!) later, Cady has officially earned her license to practice architecture as a pro.

This author, JRho aka Jannette, decided a number of years ago to switch careers and pursue a Masters degree in Nutrition. This eventually led to wanting to go the whole nine yards and earn my certification as a dietitian. Partly because I don’t like to do most things halfway, but mostly because I knew the dietetic training would make me better equipped in my practice. It has been a long journey involving years of studying and hours spent in rotations. I’m pleased to let you all know that I recently passed my (One! Whew) certification exam and am now officially a Registered Dietitian.

Thanks for reading a little about this part of our lives. We’re thankful for all of our friends and supporters, on and off the bike. We’ll see you at the CX races.

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