Surviving February

Though I like to say that riding outdoors through the winter is well worth the extra maintenance time it requires, the ride-rinse-repeat cycle was beginning to wear on me come February. With great hesitation, I decided to let my Amira live inside this month. Though I knew she’d be in good hands with L.P.V coach, Eric Blankenship at the Human Performance Institute, I had some serious separation anxiety.

I’m happy to report that this arrangement is working out great though. The Amira is staying warm and dry (for now) and I am still enjoying every opportunity to ride outside thanks to the purchase of a cyclocross bike this fall. Saturday’s forecast looked so promising, I set my sights on the Indiana border and was looking forward to revisiting one of  W|C studio’s  Festive 500 rides.

weather_20130209As it happened, I worked up quite an appetite at Morning Bird Studio EB201, and my empty stomach had another destination in mind. After reaching the south end of the Lakefront Path, we made a bee line for Z+H, where I refueled with a Tenzing Norgay on the recommendation of my riding partner, who claimed this delicious breakfast sandwich as her favorite in last year’s report on post-ride food.

By the time I reached home, I had soaked up enough vitamin D to disappear my bike-washing weariness. Here’s my ‘cross bike, ready for bath time.


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