Tested: TSH Women’s Jersey


Photo by Luke Batten

About a month ago, L.P.V.’s shop sponsor, Johnny Sprockets, hosted a focus group with Olivia Bleitz, a Women’sProduct Marketing Specialist at Specialized Bicycle. Olivia wanted to hear what women cyclists in Chicago were looking for in bikes and gear made for women. Representatives from Half Acre Cycling and L.P.V. involved in everything from mountain bike racing to cycling advocacy groups to criterium racing to commuting were on hand to give their feedback. Despite such great diversity among the group, there was one complaint common to all: the lack of options for high-performing, well-designed cycling clothing for women.

So, when our friends at Tenspeed Hero showed me the prototype for their very first women’s jersey, it seemed as though they had overheard everything that we wished for in the Johnny Sprockets fit studio on the night of Olivia’s visit. No pastels, no swirly graphics, simply the most comfortable fabric and fit you can imagine. You really should read Tenspeed Hero’s own description of the jersey, but I will just tell you that I was lucky enough to test out this wonderful piece of clothing last Saturday and look forward to many more rides in it.

Oh, and the new socks are great too!

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