Monsters of the Midway Wrapup

MiMo and JRho animated the race, disrupting chases and winning primes, including this autographed post card of weatherman, Tom Skilling.

Due to its proximity to the lakefront path and rather majestic (IOHO) setting on the University of Chicago’s Midway Plaisance, Monsters of the Midway is a favorite race for LPV, and we brought all available* resources to Hyde Park on Saturday. Due to schedule and category differences, Monsters was LPV’s first opportunity to test out some crit tactics with > 2 teammates as we saw the return of MiMo this weekend at Monsters. Finally! We put together an ambitious agenda of things to work on as we are still in our learning stages of working as a unit. And, we will admit the main goal was to get slimCady up the road. Once that was done and the break was made, MiMo and I were pretty much in control of any activity happening from the field. Sweet. So, the powers-that-be livened things up with primes. Always a good idea. And, as usual I decided to go for the primes. INCLUDING the incredible autographed postcard by TOM SKILLING (the only legit meteorologist in town). Thank you Tom Skilling for helping me plan my daily commute and my training rides.

Back to the race — we as a young team still have much to learn. As is often the case in bike racing, things played out a little differently than planned. The finish didn’t turn out exactly the way we would have liked. BUT having the three of working together was AWESOME. Four will be a force! Luckily, there is still a lot of bike racing to be done this summer and the one thing we don’t need to work very hard at is having fun. And true to our name, our small victories continue to teach us along the way. Next up, West Michigan Stage Race.

Monsters W-Open Podium, left to right: Erin Wolozyn (4th), Daphne Karagianis (3rd), Sydney Hatten (1st), Cady Chintis (2nd), Jannette Rho (5th)

*Liz is finishing out her semester in D.C.  and was also on the podium at the Poolesville Road Race on Saturday. Way to go, LZA!

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