With LPV barely out of infancy, it’s difficult to always know what to expect. In theory, the roster was carefully designed for “…maximum team cohesiveness and chemistry,” perhaps not as scientific Billy Beane’s moneyball selections for the 2002 Oakland A’s, but close enough. Brad Pitt you can be our general manager any time.

Though still early, with a full season of race situations ahead of us, Day 1 of LPV D.C. Boot Camp (LPVDCBC) was an early indicator that the theory is correct. Conditions were conducive to getting off to a great start: the DC and Maryland roads were well-kept, the wheels were steady, and the PB&J (cut in triangles, of course) was plentiful. And so we rode, until we could ride no more, under a cool mist and cherry blossoms in full bloom. (check Day 2 for cherry blossom pictures!)

A day this long calls for Giant Food!

Although MiMo is holding down the fort in Chicago this week, a robot shower curtain and a certain chamois cream that “makes your butt smell like pine trees” made for many moments as if she were here. Her weather sources must have been better than ours—turns out training camps in warm, sunny locations were completely unnecessary for Chicago cyclists this year.

Big thanks to our gracious hosts, LZA and roomie, Meg, who makes witty puns and Peeps dioramas.







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