Small Victory #1: Virtual meetings

In keeping with the team philosophy of “emphasizing small, but significant gains,” LPV will update you regularly about our most recent Small Victories. For our first installment, we bring you Virtual Meetings, and give our unbiased (read: complete novice) review of several popular options for online meet-ups.

With 700 miles separating the mid-west and east-coast LPV contingents–and what can feel like 700 miles to Chicagoans without cars and an allergy to public transportation in a snow storm–LPV decided to convene their second official team meeting via The Internet. Although each member had heard a lot about the capacity for remote communication this tool offers, it turned out there was a general lack of real experience in this area.

In an effort to keep more dollars in our pockets for bike racing, we nixed the idea of paying for premium video Skype early and opted instead to try Google Hangouts. Despite Google  now having the pleasure of +4 LPV members, Hangouts was largely unsuccessful for our virtual meeting due to logistical issues, namely an inability to get all four in the same conversation or access the promised video feed. Finally, a round of Skype downloads and installations ensued and we commenced our meeting, sans video.

The main takeaway from this experience? We hope to practice the team leadout in less time than it took to set up our conference call…and we will be conducting a search for an IT intern this spring. Volunteers?

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